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Hey, everypony!

I make High Quality 3D Renders of ponies! I am able to create renders in the form of stills/posters or animations.

By commissioning me, you confirm that you have read AND agree to my Terms of Service.

This commission format is a work in progress and can change at any time.

Commissions are currently OPEN.

As of 03/2024, I am accepting up to 4 to 6 commission slots per month.

Contact me if you have any questions or paid offers.

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About My Commissions

You can commission me for a render of a canon pony, or an original character (OC), as long as they are a pony or pony-adjacent.

You can also commission me for multiple characters at once.

I can create renders of...

  • Canon Characters, Original Characters
  • Ponies, Changelings, Kirin
  • Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Alicorn

NOTE: If you want to commission your OC, you must send me references so I can re-create them in 3D.

Are you able to make custom models for my character?

Yes! For more info, look at the Custom Models section of this page


The pricing model of my commissions is highly dependent on the level of customization you choose.

Fortunately, these commissions can be as simple or complex as your budget allows.

For instance, you can commission me for a cheap, simple render of a pony with preset models.
Or, you could pay extra for me to model your individual mane, tail, and/or accessories!

If you are interested in commissioning me, contact me for a quote!

NOTE: Prices are subject to increase depending on projected time dedication and complexity.

Payment Terms

As the Terms of Service indicate, all commissions follow these payment terms:

  • All payments must be in USD, via PayPal.
  • Any commissions valued at $50 or less must be paid in full, up front.
  • Any commissions valued at more than $50 can be paid in two parts: half up front, half when the commission is finished.

Pony Customization

Default Bases

For reference, these are the default bases.

NOTE: These renders are not representative of the final look.

As a part of the base commission, I provide flexibility in customizing your pony, ranging from mane/tail styles to clothing.

Base Pony Model

I have made use of my own highly custom variant of the community-made SFM pony models. As they are customizable, they are able to account for various designs. Thus, they are standard enough to work with most ponies.

I do not provide downloadable base models as a part of the final commission. However, I am happy to provide any custom models I create as part of the commission, in case you would like to use them with any other SFM base.


Body Types

Currently, you are free to ask for the following body types:

  • Pony
  • Changeling
  • Kirin

Does your character need alternate proportions?

If so, ask me! I am flexible to modifying the base, though it will cost extra!

At this time, I do not take custom base requests.

However, to best fit your pony, I can mix and match from the library of models I already have, such as ears, tongues and hooves.

Manes and Tails

The base price of any commission includes a selection of pre-made mane and tail styles.

For instance, if you need a mane/tail from a canon character design, I can use those models instead of creating an entirely custom model.

FYI: If you don't need a custom mane or tail, I will match a close alternative for your character, at little to no extra charge

Horns and Wings

The base price of any commission includes the regular models for horns and wings. These should be suited for most pony models.

You are free to choose from the following wing styles:

  • Pegasus Wings
  • Old-style Pegasus Wings
  • Bat Pony Wings

If you need a modification or a fully custom model for horns and wings, read my information on Custom Models.

Accessories and Clothing

The base price of any commission includes pre-made accessories and clothing.

I can offer a selection of accessories at no extra cost, including:

  • Socks
  • Glasses
  • Shirts and Hoodies
  • Saddle Bags
  • and more!
I can also create custom accessories for your character at an additional cost.

Read the Custom Models section for more information.

Custom Models

If you need me to create custom models for your commission, I can do that!

Custom models are optional!

If you don't need me to create custom models for your character, I can supply a close alternative that will best fit your design.
It won't be exact, but it will come at little to no extra cost to the commission.

Pricing Estimates

Custom models are priced according to the complexity of the request. The below prices should be considered as estimates.

Manes and Tails

  • Custom Mane: $60 to $100
  • Custom Tail: $40 to $80

Horns and Wings

  • Custom Horn: $20
  • Custom Wings: $120+

Accessories and Clothing

  • Custom Accessory: $30 each.
  • Custom Clothing: $60 each.

NOTE: All custom models will go through a workflow of shaping, rigging, texturing, and detailing before they are finalized for the render.

Custom models include:

  • Custom Textures
  • Rigged bones
  • Downloadable assets, upon request.

Can you port these models to [GAME / PROGRAM]?

While I am able to create custom models, I do not yet have the experience to port the model to other places, as different programs require different configurations.

I don't mind if you use them in other programs. However, I am only able to reliably provide the models in .fbx format.

So if you/someone else knows how, feel free to port them!

Other Customizations

Backgrounds / Scene Builds


For simplistic backgrounds, I can offer:

  • Single color backgrounds
  • Gradient backgrounds
  • Image backgrounds
  • Layered/composited backgrounds

Scene Builds

I am also able to render your commission in a 3D scene!

While full scene builds require more effort to build, I do have a few template scene builds available to expand from.

I am open to creating fully custom scene builds!

Props / Additional Objects

If you want to add further context to your commission, I can add props and objects!

For no additional cost, I can offer pre-made props for your commission, such as:

  • Signs, Books, or Papers (for displaying text or images)
  • Tables, Benches, or Chairs
  • Cups and Mugs
  • and more!

Custom Props / Objects

Props and objects can be modeled, textured, and even animated.

Many simple props are easy to create, so they will be very cheap to add to your commission.

However, more complex props with many details can be more expensive to commission.

If you need any custom props, talk to me to discuss details!

Animations / Sequences

I do animations!

Sample sequence of a cute boop animation!

On top of static renders, I also provide the option to animate your pony to do many things!

I have built a sequencing workflow in Unity that allows me to create various types of animations!

What types of animations can I commission?

Pretty much anything!

Whether you'd like a simple animated pose, or something much more complex, I can animate it.

I can animate it as long as it fits within my content restrictions.

If you would like an animated commission, contact me to discuss details.

Animation Pricing

Animations can vary depending on complexity, so I categorize my animations into the following:


This is an animation done in one pass. It is the cheapest, most simple animation that I can do. However, this may result in a rougher animation overall.

Pricing Estimates

  • 5s to 30s: $10 to $60
  • 30s to 1m: $60 to $150


This is an animation done in multiple passes. This gives more attention to detail, but I will have to take more time, as these require more effort.

Pricing Estimates

  • 5s to 30s: $50 to $200
  • 1 minute (or more): contact for quote

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