Commission GeekBrony

Commissions are currently OPEN.

As of 03/2024, I am accepting up to 4 to 6 commission slots per month.

Contact me if you have any questions or paid offers.

Thank you for your interest in my commissions! 💜

If you want to commission me, you are free to contact me through a Direct Message on Discord or Mastodon.

How Do I Commission You?

When you are contacting me for a commission, please summarize your request to the best of your ability.

  • Send information about the commission, such as:
    1. The desired commission template, or specify if you need a custom commission.
    2. If you would like a simple character with preset models, or if you need custom character design(s).
    3. Anything else that would help me determine what kind of commission you need.
  • Give as much useful information as you can about the desired pose, emotion, etc.
  • Send reference material that could help me visualize your request, such as:
    1. References of the character(s) you wish to commission - preferably from multiple angles.
    2. Other references of any kind.

NOTE: Contacting me does NOT guarantee that the commission is accepted.

After contacting me, you will be considered for the next available slot.

If your commission request is accepted, I will quote a price and let you know any further details through DM!


I can be a really busy pony!

If I don't respond to your message, it's likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Any advertised slots may already be limited or filled.
  • Depending on my backlog, I may not be available to accept new commissions.
  • I am working on progressing further in my career path.
  • I am working on other projects for the fandom.