Commission Sheet

As an easy way to commission me, below is a list of some of my open commission templates.

Do you need something custom?

If you would like a custom commission, contact me to discuss your request.

Profile Shot

Base Prices

  • Default Pose: $30
  • Custom Pose: $50


Various background options are available:

  • Basic/Gradient Background: Included with Base Price
  • Custom Background: + $10 to $30

A custom profile image of your pony! Useful for any social media site.

Available in static or animated poses.

YCH Composite - Green Screen Your Pony

Base Prices

  • Static Pose: $30
  • Animated Pose: $60

Perfect for Videos and Stream Overlays, this is an easy way to place your pony on any background!

This commission supports any pose, emotion, and lighting.

Scene Builds

The following templates are more complex to create, but provide more options for customization.

Add any details you like!

All of the below templates are able to be customized as follows:

  • Any pose, with any emotion
  • Any props or scene details may be added, with prices based on the request.
  • Any lighting, atmosphere, or post-processing effects!
  • Extra ponies may be added for an additional $15 per pony. Prices exclude custom pony designs.


Base Prices

  • Poster: $60
  • Animation: $100

Live your own slice of life adventure with this town scene!


Base Prices

  • Poster: $60
  • Animation: $100

Go for a nature trot with a commission of anypony in this forest scene!


Base Prices

  • Poster: $60
  • Animation: $100

Create your own beach episode with a commission of anypony in this beach scene!

Need a custom scene build?

I can make a custom scene for you! For more information, go here.